Saskatchewan Music Festivals

10 Saskatchewan music festivals that are worth taking a road trip for

Despite producing artists such as The Sheepdogs, Joni Mitchell, One Bad Son, Streetheart, Jess Moskaluke, The Dead South, and countless others, Saskatchewan doesn’t necessarily hold a reputation of being a musical province. Saskatchewan being relatively off the map when it comes to the tunes is a shame, because this is a province that not only produces […]


Experiences Saskies Can Relate Too

Being born in Saskatchewan has its ups and downs (like any province). Well, not literally it’s more just flat.. But if you were born here you had some great experiences in and even out of our province. So here is a list of things anyone from Saskatchewan can relate to! • Rider Games  Being from […]


10 Things You May Not Know about Saskatchewan

10 THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT SASKATCHEWAN 1) Sask experiences around 5 EARTHQUAKES per year!! The largest one on record was a 5.3 magnitude quake back in 1909! 2) Saskatchewan is made up of around 651,000 square kilometers! 3) South Korea could comfortably fit in Saskatchewan 4 times and they have roughly 50 times our population! South Korea is sitting at […]


10 Weird Saskatchewan Terms

The people of Saskatchewan are a truly interesting group. The things we say prove it very well! Here are a few terms that are still and mainly used in Saskatchewan today, enjoy! **Collected from** 1) Combine Pilot  A “Combine Pilot” is a bad Saskatchewan driver. 2) Bush Party  A large party (hosted by teens) in a farmers field. Huge […]