4 Saskatchewan Fishing Lakes To See This Summer

Spring has finally sprung here in Saskatchewan and the temperatures are actually warm!

This is great news for everyone itching to take their boat out on the lake to try their luck.
If you are one of those people, this list is for you!

Here are 4 lakes to check out this summer!

Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan

Tobin Lake Walleye fishing saskatchewan canada

Record Walley Weighing 18.3lbs

Nipawin fishing saskatchewan canada

Fishing on Tobin. (nipawinjournal.com)

Located just Northeast of Nipawin, Tobin Lake is known for its abundance of trophy Walleyes.
The lake was formed by the Cambell Dam on the Saskatchewan River.

Is the dam the cause of these monsters? You may have to find out for yourself.

Tobin Lake currently holds the Record Walleye in Saskatchewan. Caught by Father Mariusz Zajac in 2005.


Boundary Dam Reservoir (Estevan, Sask)

large mouth bass estevan saskatchewan canada

Largemouth Bass caught at Boundary. (fishncanada.com)

Boundary Dam Reservoir is located just south of Estevan, Sask.
This is Saskatchewan’s only body of water that doesn’t freeze over in winter. It is also the only place in Sask where you will find Largemouth bass. (And large koi fish)

The water that fills the reservoir was used as a coolant in the neighboring power plant. This causes the water to stay much warmer than most lakes in Sask.

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Dore Lake, Saskatchewan

dore lake saskatchewan canada fishing

20lbs Pike by Tom Shumlch (dorelakelodge.com)

Located 3.5 hours North of Saskatoon, Dore Lake is a place you will want to try your luck!
Known for its large Pike & Walleye, you’re going to leave this lake with sore arms.

You can get to Dore Lake by car or plane. Highway 924 takes you straight to the lake!
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Lac la Ronge, Saskatchewan

lac la ronge saskatchewan fishing

Lake Trout caught on Lac la Ronge (pickerelbaycabins.com)

If you are willing to go for a bit of a drive (or flight), you could be bringing in Lake Trout, like this one, all day long.
The lake is known for its excellent Lake Trout fishing and beautiful scenery. It is located on the edge of the Canadian shield by the way!

Approximately 250km north of Prince Albert, this trip may convince you to never leave. Once you go ‘Lac’ you may never go back.

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