Experiences Saskies Can Relate Too

Being born in Saskatchewan has its ups and downs (like any province). Well, not literally it’s more just flat.. But if you were born here you had some great experiences in and even out of our province. So here is a list of things anyone from Saskatchewan can relate to!

• Rider Games 

Being from Saskatchewan, you know the Riders are a big thing! But actually going to a game at Mosaic Stadium gives you quite the experience..

Being part of the “Sea of Green” might actually change you, and not just the loss of your voice, but give you a strong passion for our football team and represent Saskatchewan to all of CANADA!!

• Vast Emptiness 

In Saskatchewan there are flat areas, VERY flat areas. But this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing as most people assume. No. It’s actually overwhelming at times! Looking into the horizon with nothing blocking your view, discovering just how far your eyes can actually see… Breathtaking!

Definitely a Saskatchewan experience!

• The Ocean 

The Ocean? But Sask has nothing to do with the Ocean. Yes, but for those of you who have seen the Ocean, it can be a great experience!

Suprisingly, the Ocean isn’t that far off from our landscape. The only differences are: it’s blue, it can consume you, and it’s full of giant creatures.. Maybe I will just stay in the prairies from now on.

• Mountains

When visiting other provinces or countries you may come across mountains. It seems as though your eyes become glued to them once they are spotted. Don’t let that fear of not seeing the horizon control you either, because you may miss out on experiencing a spectacular landscape!

• Dealing With The Weather  

Yes, you’re right, Saskatchewan isn’t the only place that has to deal with the weather. But, it is definitely a huge part about living in Sask!

First are the Winters.. Not sure how we survive them (Netflix definitely helps), but surprisingly we do.. Just the windchill alone is torture! Since there isn’t much to block the wind here, our -15° weather quickly turns into -40°!

Next is Spring.. Mud, mud and random snowfalls. But, besides the soft grounds and odd weather, spring can be a beautiful  time of year! It’s when flowers grow and blossom, trees start budding, days get longer, we get to ignore the daylight savings ads, and best of all… knowing summer is right around the corner!

Ok, Summer.. 2 words, ‘NO SNOW’!! If that doesn’t put a smile on your face you may need to see a doctor. Summer is full of activities around Sask, it’s when we come out of hibernation.. There are events placed outside in many towns and cities, you can hike where ever you want (Northern Sask in the forests or southern Sask in the bad lands or anywhere in between!), the exhibition rolls through town, outdoor pools open! So many reasons to love summer!

And lastly, Fall.. Now, fall is like spring but the opossite. It looks beautiful but you know what is coming in a month… so enjoy the outdoors ‘while you can’. Make sure you have easy access to your shovels, you never know when the first big dump will come!

• Stereotypes

One thing we all deal with is constantly reminding people that ‘Saskatchewan isn’t completely flat’. Most of these people are from out of province, some are from the heart of the province but just don’t seem to get out much. If you fully believe Saskatchewan is flat, that’s ok! Just try convincing one of us why it’s a bad thing.


There you have it, things every Saskatchewan raised person can relate to!

Now, grab your bunnyhug, a Pil or Vi-Co, and enjoy those Corner Gas reruns! 

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