10 Things You May Not Know about Saskatchewan


1) Sask experiences around 5 EARTHQUAKES per year!! The largest one on record was a 5.3 magnitude quake back in 1909!

2) Saskatchewan is made up of around 651,000 square kilometers!

3) South Korea could comfortably fit in Saskatchewan 4 times and they have roughly 50 times our population! South Korea is sitting at 50,000,000 people; Sask on the other hand has just over 1,000,000…

4) The highest elevated point in Saskatchewan is 1,392m. (Cypress Hill)

5) Lake Athabasca has a surface area of 7,935 km!

6) In 2001, 38 million acres of farmland were cropped!

7) Saskatchewan has 2 national parks (Grasslands National Park & Prince Albert National Park), 34 provincial parks, 137 recreation sites, and 24 protected areas.

8) Scotty is a T-Rex skeleton found around Eastend Sask. It was the first T-Rex discovered is Saskatchewan!

9) Saskatchewans provincial sport is curling… No, not football..

10) The two colours on the Saskatchewan flag (green and gold) represent the forests of the northern part of the province (green) and the grain fields in the southern part of the province (gold). The flag was designed by Anthony Drake.

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