10 Weird Saskatchewan Terms

The people of Saskatchewan are a truly interesting group. The things we say prove it very well!

Here are a few terms that are still and mainly used in Saskatchewan today, enjoy!

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1) Combine Pilot 

A “Combine Pilot” is a bad Saskatchewan driver.

2) Bush Party 

A large party (hosted by teens) in a farmers field. Huge bonfires are common at these parties along with underage drinking… Recipe for disaster!

3) Cow Chips

Dried cow poop… Yup, we made a name for it.

4) Prairie Oyster 

Fried bull testicle, and it’s a delicacy.. Who started this??

5) Saskatchewan Chrome 

Duct tape used to repair vehicles… What ever works, bud!

6) Back Forty 

40 acres of land that is a distance from home.

7) Bee 

When family, friends, or neighbors come together to complete a task.

8) The Center Of The Universe 

Aka: Toronto/ Ontario… (Makes sense)

9) Poor 

A Prince Albert term for “good”. Is it Opposite Day??

10) Rhubarb/Cabbage 

When someone hits the ditch. I don’t think rhubarb or cabbage are a common ditch plant..

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